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Cancion Undeniable de Paulina Rubio

Letra de Canción : Undeniable
Cantante : Paulina Rubio
Album : Border Girl
Acordes de Undeniable    
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In your brightly painted room
There's a trace of my perfume
And even though the lights are all on
It's always hard cos right before dawn
Still it wasn't hard to see
The something missing there is me
And now it's undeniable
There's nothing so reliable

True, we're through
Pretending there's no two of us
It's undeniable
Simply undeniable
True, that you
Can just go on without me now
It's undeniable
Simply undeniable
Oooh, True

Like a black and white cartoon
I've been walking on the moon
And someone else is pulling the strings
Without you I'm missing , hurting, everything
And now I know I can't survive
Without you baby by my side
It's simply undeniable
There's nothing unreliable


It's undeniable
There's nothing so reliable
To me and you

It's simply undeniable
It's undeniable
Me and you

It's undeniable
Me and you

| Enviada por: Kriz (2102) |
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